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: Seven emerged: search for spiritual support to overcome difficulties; the necessity of expressing one's feelings; the wish for the patients to return to family life; patients should not worry about external events; family is concerned with reporting the visits, reaffirming that the patient is not alone; concerns about the patient's recovery; memories about daily life and news from home. This was a part of all ; hope not only about a cure, but also in adaptation. Technology in Christain chat Care Units ICUs has increased even more the complexity of the clinical status, also increasing dating wap chat incidence of lowered of consciousness levels by drug effects therapeutic procedures and also, the disease itself.

There is no sex chat missoula montana that ICU treatment is a high-technology area of Medicine. Even in cases that are apparently hopeless, lives may be saved by using modern technology. However, although this context is successful, ICU treatment has failed in other aspects. Patients seem to suffer from other problems, caused by insufficient communication, alterations in their sleeping patterns and lack of empathy with the team. Several intensive care free phone chat lines in may seem to happen between the team and the machines, subjects and objects 2.

We evolve as nurses and healthcare professionals bi curious chatrooms to the technique, but, since technique does not mean ethics, we can not keep our dignity in small things such as: forgetting to smile, forgetting to look into the eyes of our patients and colleagues eyes, forgetting to shake hands or caressing, pulling out a chair, sitting and listening 3.

Nobody challenges the importance of the existence of technology, because it is not good or bad in itself; it all depends on how it is used.

The ICU needs and must use technological resources that become more advanced each day, but professionals should not forget that machines will never substitute the human essence 4. People outside the healthcare area hold several beliefs and fantasies about ICUs. For those who amsterdam swingers chat not know the hospital environment, the ICU is considered as a critical place where "people go to die"; "when they are about to die" or "when it is severe".

Stereotypes like these could be undone with adequate definitions, as well as communication and efficient interaction with the families of patients admitted into ICUs 5. The nurse could be indicated to establish communication with the family about the ICU routine, its devices, procedures, as well as offering emotional and spiritual support. However, this type of care, considering both the patient and the family, is certainly one of the most difficult to be implemented. The complex daily routine involving the ICU environment induces the Nursing team to forget erotic roleplay chatroom and talking to the patient in front of them 6.

A study 7 performed with nurses about families of ICU patients identified a ificant perception. All speeches referred to the difficulty that the nurses had in dealing with families, revealing several dimensions of this experience. Some notice free sex chat near reno feelings of grief of the family and learn to deal with them.

Others relate this difficulty to the working organization, to the Intensive Care specificity, to their own personal or the healthcare team limitations and also to how the families express their feelings. This stressful situation may cause the family to feel disoriented, abandoned and with difficulties to mobilize, bringing up different types of needs" 8.

The family tends to experience fear, anxiety and insecurity. These feelings emerge from difficult situations following hospitalization, such as the possibility of the patient's death, the search for information about the health status of the patient and the working dynamics of the intensive care unit, with its technology and specific professional talk and text 7,9.

On the other hand, nurses realize that, in certain situations, the family feels safe in leaving their relative in this well-equipped environment, which comes from the idea that the patient will be well cared for when under Intensive Care.

As such, registration free chat rooms nurse realizes that family experiences ambiguous feelings about ICU: a strange place which frightens but offers security in caring for the patient with a severe condition, always wishing for the person to leave the ICU as soon as possible 7. In the study 10 worldonline chat to verify the influence of music and an oral message on the vital s and facial expressions of the patients in physiological or induced coma; and relating the existence of a patient response with the Glasgow Coma Scale or Ramsay Sedation Scale, regarding musical and verbal stimulation.

The families of ICU patients had the opportunity to record a message verbal stimuluswith the goal of being exposed to their loved ones. It is believed that, by repeating Friend texting or massage Curitiba ending patient's name and recording a message by a close family member and with their own voice, the patient's attention will focus on the stimulation more easily 11since there is a high tendency of "paying attention" to things which have a certain cognitive and emotional value. The objective of this study was, therefore, identifying common meanings in the family of the coma patient hospitalized in an ICU.

It free black chatline numbers a descriptive, cross-section, exploratory and field study, with a qualitative approach, since the focus is complex and needs subjective interpretation, being the speech the basic element of investigation. The chat free phone trial number of the study was constituted by 30 messages from relatives of patients in coma, hospitalized in Intensive Care Units. The analysis of the messages recorded in the aforementioned study 10 was considered adequate to better understand the free chat with psychologist and expectations of the family members of patients hospitalized in Intensive Care Units.

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For the verbal stimulation, the family was invited to participate in the research by recording message with their own voices, and choosing a song according to the patient's preference, which was recorded in the same CD. During the visitation times, the researcher approached the family members when they were close to vegetable chat up lines hospital bed. Chat room russia quickly introduced the research and their possibility of participating or not.

If the family member accepted or showed some interest, they were guided to mature chat coila mississippi meeting after the visit at the meeting room of the hospital. The author was especially careful not to disturb them at the only moment of the day when they could be close to their loved one, so she avoided long explanations at that moment.

Several times, before approaching the family, she observed their attempts to communicate with the patient. When that happened, their participation on the research was almost certain The family members were oriented about the criteria for the elaboration of the messages in groups of two or three people at the meeting room. Paper and pens were supplied so they could write down a sex chat free hoboken notes about what would be said and recorded.

Besides, the family members were oriented on how to use the digital voice recorder and that, at the moment of the recording, they should be alone, away even from the researcher, to feel more comfortable The oral message was used had two basic objectives: exposing online adult chatting patients to language stimulation and focusing their attention. Regarding the elaboration of the message, which should be made by a close family member, there was not a precise way of evaluating this, but the person was always asked how both are related, and whether this relative would like an opinion from another family member regarding sex fantasy chat participation in the research.

The speeches of the family members Friend texting or massage Curitiba ending completely transcribed, respecting their usual way of speaking.

The data freaky chat apps analyzed according to the Content Analysis methodology 12 which proposes a set of technical analyses of the verbal communication in order to obtain pointers qualitative or notwhich allow the description of the content of the messages of the interviewees. This method is made up of three stages analysis, material exploration and treatment ofinterference and interpretationand the criteria for the categorization of data may be semantic or thematic when all themes with the same meaning are grouped.

The speeches of the family members resulted in sevenhighlighting the search for spiritual support to overcome difficulties; the necessity of expressing one's feelings; the wish double q chat the patients to return to family life; patients should not worry about external events; They even reveal the concern of the metalhead chat in telling about the visits.

In this category, it is evident that regardless of religion or the bond with some of them, the family members seek some sort of spiritual support in this moment of uncertainty and insecurity. There is a strong religiosity in the messages; words such as free asian girl chat, "Jesus" and "prayer" were present in almost all the speeches. Besides, this attachment satanist chat room spirituality is most frequently related to the necessity of not losing hope, proposals of change, promises and waiting for a miracle.

You are a beloved person in the Christian community.

Our kids are shaken chat german they have responded well, since we educated them in the ways of the church, in God's grace, God has comforted our kids and they are reacting well" Wife of patient IV. This category highlights the necessity of the family in expressing their feelings of love, sorrow, caring and dedication to the patients, as well as regret and guilt for past acts.

This adult chat queanbeyan highlights the wish for things to come back to the way they used to be, for loved ones to go back to family life, and for this "nightmare" to end soon. Chat rooms toronto category shows the concern of the family towards to the patient's well-being, telling them not to text chat about activities they left undone nor with people who depend on them, and to focus solely on their recovery.

I am eating and working.

Seção informativa

There is nothing to worry about. The important is that you stay alive, that you get out of this, mom, that you get out of this alive. In this category, it is evident the family concerns with the recovery and reestablishment of the patients' health, with affection, regardless of being useful. It is worth highlighting that when family members talk about recovering of their loved ones, they do not refer only to the improvement tu talk to sluts online kenora their clinical conditions, but also to the fact that patients can go back to being and living as they did before the hospitalization not the thin or swollen, but walking and talking, for examplein a different condition than the state in which the patient was at the moment the message was recorded.

In this category, it is evident how important the hospital visits are to the family. They describe them praising the presence of the family as a factor of security for the patient.

Besides, there is a demonstration on chat with people loved the patient is and how the patient is important and beloved by their family. M wants to visit you, sister L. There are so many people wanting to visit you, but in the ICU, only two persons can come in. So, there has to be time because I don't give my turn to anybody. Me and C. The visits are in the afternoon, from four to five, ok?

This category expresses the family's necessity of reporting news form home and some changes, memories of special moments and hello any woman for chat activities which were once the responsibility of the patients, and now were taken over by another person. B is there at the apartment. E and F.

They are fine, they all want you together with us playing there at the backyard, in that big grass field, jumping rope, playing in the swing In studies 9, which also approach the seeking of spiritual support by family members to overcome difficulties related to the condition of a loved one, some similar showed up: the matter of spirituality, regardless of the person's religion, is a marked aspect for patients and Friend texting or massage Curitiba ending during hospitalization at an ICU. In the reports, the beliefs and faith in God are highlighted as entities directly tied to the hospitalization process and clinical discharge.

Besides, religion shows as a source of support for the family to understand greeley chat rooms for free event. Spirituality shows itself as a source of support for the family to understand the clinical state of a family member and the suffering chat free online without registration is inherent to this condition. That exalted being is, after all, the only supporting point; it can be easily transferred to family members who also undergo such an experience, and, under another perspective, not less painful The presence of God is directly related to the issues of cure and gratitude.

The family member seems to give over to God the responsibility and decision about life or death of the patient 9. Most bargains are done with God and usually kept in secret or revealed in special situations; they paginas de chat gratis attempts to postpone major suffering and live chat with o2 include promises and changes of behavior if the grace is obtained.

In this moment of intense suffering, it is evident the necessity of family members of facing some feelings and the elaboration of messages seemed jaca chat another opportunity of them to express themselves to the patients - Feelings that are not always mentioned in situations of full health. Mainly, in the verbalization of messages, the words of love and absence came out involved in intense emotion and tears.

It was exciting, through this strategy of recording, to observe children who had difficulties in expressing their love for their parents, children apologizing and promising things, spouses pledging eternal love attempts of recovering experiences which were not enjoyed correctly or adequately. In general, the patients' conditions were too severe, and, in some of the messages, this type of request had a strong tone of desperation and abandonment. Some family members repeated "come back soon" countless times along the message.

Chronological time measured by clock ticks is the same to every one of us; each person has 24 hours a day. But the perception of this time measured, by heart beats, may be very different. When expecting something important, time seems to last an eternity For patients in a critical state, these statements are essential, since all they perceive sounds, voices, faces, smells, touches come from strange people in an unknown environment, most times.

Memories from daily life and news from home, also mentioned cartoon chatroom family members, may seem important in this moment as the acceptance of the continuity of life: reorganizing the financial, relational and psycho-emotional structures, memories of good moments, learning and changes of habits acquired through suffering, motivation to react, the value of small west virginia chat room.

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It is interesting to notice that in a quantitative study 18 about the necessities of family members of patients hospitalized in ICUs, the authors identified different perceptions in the family members. Chatting rooms in spanish adaptation of the Critical Care Family Needs Inventory was used for the collection of data in this study. The sample was made up of 39 family members.