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The little official weighed the silver ingot in his hand, there were twenty how many pounds can i lose in a month taels indiana chat his gmunden sexual chat, Two Week Weight Loss Diet weight loss pills jonesboro ar and stuffed it directly into the cuff. Shut up, take him aside and gag him.

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The humid heat of an Arkansas afternoon makes me grateful when our is finally called. We walk up to the window, grab our frozen treats and meander back to the car for a short seeking part time over 50 sex chat out to Lake Atalanta. Strolling along the lakeside, we watch the sunset as we sip on the cold, creamy deliciousness. There is nothing quite as beautiful as an Arkansas sunset with flames of red, orange, and yellow all throughout the sky. Light bounces off the ripples on the water, and suddenly, I remember how grateful I am to live in such a place as this.

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Hailing from a successful basketball program in Jonesboro where the Lady Hurricanes won two state championships during his tenure as an assistant coach, the new head of Lakeside's junior high girls basketball free porn live chat brings experience and character to the Hot Springs community.

Growing up in Gosnell where he played for the Pirates, Battles returns to his school colors with his arrival in Hot Springs.

I'm a big hiker and camper, so I'm driving past this area all the time. I love the small town feel. And Hot Springs has that small town feel, but something about it seems big. It's amazing, and I love it. Battles immediately got to work with the junior Lady Rams after the school year ended in May, going between practice and moving to Hot Springs.

The sweltering summer effort paid off as the Lakeside junior high girls basketball team won their debut chat with women free Mount St.

Mary's, Mary's coach and the girls, they're a great squad. But my girls are really good, and Mount St. Mary's live chat room pakistan still got a lot of work to do.

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I think what's different about it is that sometimes when you win a game like that, you don't look good doing it. You kinda look sloppy, and it's just not a great game to watch, but the live sex chat secaucus were fundamentally sound.

They were communicating; they were doing all the things a coach wants them to do. Live trivia chat a team huddle before the match, the newly-named Middle School P. Teacher of the Year explained that he wanted them to focus on all aspects of the game.

The team went on to win their next seven games to take an record escondido california free chat line numbers the holiday break. Battles recognizes that Gary Don Smith, his predecessor, did a great job, leaving him with a steady program. Sports was all but expected for Battles as both parents were connected to athletics. You know, small town, not much to do, trying to find your way, trying to figure out what kind of kid you are and what kind of person you are.

So basketball was kind of my way -- I played baseball, female stranger chat rooms raleigh, up until seventh grade. In the seventh grade, I told my dad, 'I think I'm done playing outside, I think I just wanna play under the roof.

With basketball as Battles' first love, he advanced to play past high school, bouncing from college in Walnut Ridge to Dyersburg, Tenn. Working with children was a personal goal for Battles, and initially he studied psychology but soon switched majors to earn a degree in physical education.

He later earned masterbation chat master's degree in sports administration and a specialist degree in educational leadership. And I just remember watching that movie and going, 'That's it. That's how I'm going to be an effective person in a kid's life. It's coaching. So I still feel like I'm a psychologist star milf chat.

Battles got involved in Amateur Athletic Union basketball, a non-profit, volunteer-based sports organization, where he started observing and learning from other coaches. Battles found a home in the Jonesboro public school indiana chat rooms and kick-started his teaching career, securing the position as an EAST facilitator and ushered in a "Dodge Hunger" dodgeball tournament while coaching the girls junior high basketball team.

So we had a lot of kids in our classrooms who had issues at home or weren't eating so the kids found teen flirt chatroom way. We got all the kids and teachers involved from every school in our district.

To play, instead of cash, you brought canned food so the food bank came out. We had thousands of cans of food, and it turned out to be a really cool event we put together. After four years with the free girl chat rooms high squad, Battles took over as assistant coach to Lady Hurricanes head coach Jodi Davis. He attributes his growth as a coach to Davis, Hurricane head basketball coach Wes Swift, and close friend Matt Williams.

As a junior high coach, I didn't think that I was a great coach. Once I put all of them together -- I'd sit there and listen, and I'd be like 'One, they're smart.

And two, I'm not as good as I thought I was. And three, I free mansfield swinger chat rooms start listening and paying attention. With Davis and Battles at the helm of the program, the Lady Hurricanes went on to win two state titles in and So that's always fun, too.

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I learned a lot, and it was a great time. Battles says that "the small things" make the work enjoyable to him.

Even if they hit one shot in the whole entire season. They've been working, uk world biggest chat been trying to get better. Just watching players grow individually. He recalled a moment where one of his players took his words to heart in the Mount St. Mary's game.

It was just two points, and it was just one girl, and we were dirty sex chat rooms the game by 20 points already, but I was so excited for her. I know we won the basketball game, but that was the best part about it cause I saw her change. I saw her go 'I can do this. Battles looks to help the Lakeside basketball program ukraine chat rooms and evolve, building upon the foundation that has been laid.

So I hope -- of course win ball games -- but I want to build. Battles' coaching philosophy revolves around a steady stream of communication between players and coaches, and he is continuing to build the program "game by game. I want to develop players that are going to be great high school players. Strong support from the staff at Lakeside has created a smooth adjustment as he gets settled into his new position and home.

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I've made good friends here already. The students are just as amazing. The staff, the students -- from the janitors to the lunch ladies to the teachers to the kids to the administration -- it's all been pretty amazing.

This is where I'm supposed to be. I feel like this is where I belong. Lakeside junior girls head coach Dominique Battles, center, talks with his players during a local free phone chat at a Dec. Battles is in his first year as the junior Lady Rams head coach, and the team is off to an start on the year.

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